FEBRUARY 8 — MARCH 3, 2014

A lover of popular culture and Americana, Cory Oberndorfer fixates on the joy of simple pleasures in life. The colorful treats in his work bring us back to the purity of our childhood, when we believed that the best things in life would last forever.

Pop: Sucker presents objects of innocence in an age of maturity, as they have shattered or set over time. Delicious colors of paint provide a thin mask over hardened cement. Broken lollipops reveal the fabricated nature beneath the surface of the subject. Minimal in their shape, form and color, these pieces do not ask the viewer to consider the work itself, but their own nostalgia. 


Cory Oberndorfer received his MFA from American University in Washington, D.C. and BFA from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. His work has been exhibited at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA, Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC, Flashpoint Gallery and G Fine Art in Washington, D.C.

thrust: bomb pop // spray paint on canvas // 60" x 30" // 2013

thrust: bomb pop // spray paint on canvas // 60" x 30" // 2013