MARCH 14, 2014 THROUGH APRIL 7, 2014

Kelly Towles "The Death of Ulysses" depicts a fantastical world inspired by Homer’s  epic poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey. After eight years of anticipation, Towles delivers his latest body of work depicting and re-imagining timeless stories with a renewed energy and outlook. The time-worn scrolls of myth and fantasy created by Homer are injected and tattooed with current trends and our deepest longings. Towles explores the deep roots of fables and the power of storytelling, creating a landscape for his own mythical-modern day society. Hidden meanings and symbolism paired with mashups of pop culture and classic literature bring vivid characters to life and engage the viewer in a search to rediscover and experience the rebirth of an ancient fable and the Death of Ulysses. 


Kelly Towles is one of Washington, DC’s most notable emerging artists. Towles has exhibited in numerous shows including a critically acclaimed show at David Adamson Gallery which represents renowned artists such as Chuck Close and Jim Dine, as well as shows at the Pool Trade Shows LOOP space in 2008 and 2009 in Los Angeles. He has exhibited large scale installations in the famed Manifest Hope, Manifest Equality, Re:form School and Submerge. Towles has also created murals for U Street Music Hall, Toki Underground, DC Brau and Graffiato. Towles works depicts people dealing with the society in which they live and the emotional arsenal with which each person is equipped. Striking characters with physical deformities and masked identities reveal Towles’ vision of how individuals deal with the world around them. Towles lives and works in Washington, DC. For more information, visit: