October 17th – November 9th, 2014

MADE FOR TH!S is the first-ever solo exhibition from SUPERWAXX, and includes a collection of new 2D and installation works. A self-described lowbrow artist, she has become most notable for her collective works, employing vibrant colors and fine line painting techniques that display her signature style of pop and cartoon art with strong female leads. MADE FOR TH!S is an active remix of cartoons and fine art mixing genre and technique to create images from her vibrant imagination as a child. 

A native of Richmond, VA, SUPERWAXX is completely self-taught and heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s animated cartoons, comic books, popular culture and street art. She has exhibited artwork in Boston, New York City, Miami, Cuba and in Washington, D.C. including at the LADIES F1RST showcase examining the strong voice of women in modern street art and graffiti hosted at The Fridge gallery and performance space. 


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